PayPolitan — Quiz & AMA

 Wed 24th. Feb, 2:00 PM

🔹Project tease:
— PayPolitan is combing Defi and traditional transactions.
— PayPolitan is the first solution to secure cash payments with blockchain technology
— The Paypolitan app allows the staking, yield farming, cash payments, crypto payments, instant credit and cash back!
— PayPolitan works a bit like Apple Pay, but instead of a credit card the user puts his bank account number
— With PayPolitan, No card need, fully dematerialized!

🔎 Research the project to be able to both ask and answer questions about it!

🎉 $180 of prizes split between 12 winners: 3 on Twitter and 9 on Telegram (!

Hint: read their Medium (paypolitan-official...) articles and visit their Website ( to learn more.

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