XFai — Quiz & AMA

 Fri 9th. Apr, 5:00 PM

🔹Project tease:
— With XFai, trading will never have to remain centralised, XFai develops tooling by graphing the DeFi space to build game changing products to benefit users!
— XFai's Potentializer and DLO give small and mid-cap tokens a fair seat at the DeFi table, making APY gains possible for these tokens!
— With XFai, you get a One-step liquidity farming with reduced gas fee, anti-slippage, and no failed transactions and Over 500% APY!
— XFai is the Industry first launch mechanism (Liquidity Generation Event, or LGE) that will soon replace TGE.

🎉 $180 of prizes split between 12 winners: 3 on Twitter and 9 on Telegram (t.me/GainsChat)!

Hint: read their Medium (xfai-official.mediu...) articles and visit their Website (xfai.com/) to learn more.

Website (xfai.com/)
Telegram (t.me/xfaiofficial)
Medium (xfai-official.mediu...)
Twitter (twitter.com/xfai_of...)