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Don’t get lost in this continuous flow of complex information thanks to our synthetic daily reports. Our reviews and articles bring you to a deeper understanding of how crypto and blockchain work.


Find new, fun and interactive ways to learn more about crypto projects and blockchain thanks to our regular Telegram events, with the opportunity to earn rewards.


Being in crypto on your own can be overwhelming and risky. Exchange with experienced and well connected crypto enthusiasts about news, ideas, investment strategies and more.



Stay up-to-date with the latest crypto headlines. We post daily curated news in an easy-to-read format.


Meet the founders of innovative crypto projects. Ask them anything about their work: from business strategy to tech development or marketing plans.

Articles and reviews

We publish high quality articles about crypto and in-depth reviews of disruptive projects to help you understand the fundamentals at a deeper level.


Register in our platform to manage your investments and access all the details about the best deals sourced from our global network of highly connected people.

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  • The GAINS group brings top tier people, projects, and information into one place.

    Brian Kerr, Co-Founder and CEO at Kava

  • This is the best group I've ever joined. The care, respect and consideration I get from your team is simply unbelievable. I'm out of words to thank you guys.

    @findingwhales, GAINS member

  • The team at GAINS Associates handled the AMA with high caliber. The facilitation was very smooth and professional from the planning to the execution of the AMA event. We'd be happy to work with the team again in the future. They are committed to showcase multi-dimentions of the guest company in the best way the can to their community.

    Esther Oh, from EdenChain

  • GAINS Associates is well organized and provided a solid platform to discuss TomoChain. What surprised me most was the high level of quality engagement from the hosts and their community. The questions asked were intelligent and well-researched, making the process of answering them both challenging and wonderful. I'm also pleased that they continue to stay in touch and share relevant news stories. This is relationship building at its finest, and showcases a level of professionalism and authenticity not often seen in our space.

    Kyn Chaturvedi, Chief Business Development Officer at TomoChain

  • Gains put together one of the most engaging AMAs I’ve been part of. The format was unique and the community asked great questions. They made sure people had done their homework. This all made the event more exciting

    Pavel Bains, Co-Founder and CEO at Bluzelle

  • It was a real enjoyment to participate in the AMA which took place in the GAINS Associates Telegram group. They did proper promotion before the event, so we had a lof of great questions from the audience. Also the host's work was truly professional and the event was very well organized. Highly recommended. Great community!

    kushti (aka Alexander Chepurnoy), Core Developer at Ergo

  • The team at GAINS Associates was incredibly pleasant to work and communicate with. The AMA was conducted in a professional manner without creating a scripted or cold setting, which was fantastic.

    Michael Chen, CMO of Fantom

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